Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Blog

Ok you may not have noticed that I have a new blog, with everyone having busy lives etc.
(mine included.) Here is what is taking up most of my time...
to the left is Dobby & Lucy. Dobby is currently living with me, but we are searching for a home for him. He love's Lucy lou and she will Miss him very much too. (He cleans her ears)

Then of Course there is Lou and me ... how do you like the self portrait? Yes, Mom that is the best I could do with a wiggly doggy. (and trying to hold another off so the picture did not turn out to be a nose... (yes perhaps just my nose)

Then again it's Dobby and Lou. Our time is spent playing in the back yard taking walks and me saying "not for you" constantly...
Along with the occasional move it move it move it.
It gets tiresome watching them smell every leaf.
of course let us not forget me trying to get out of the house with out the dog's almost impossible especially on the week end. They know I do not have to go to work, so therefore they should be able to go with me EVERYWHERE!!! (not so)
ugh. You best believe that I am happy the weather has warmed up so I can send them out and go out more too.. until the pollen strikes! That is almost the death of me. ugh... I hate hiding inside w/ the window's closed while the world turns green and my head explodes. and the green I speak of is a neon green dusting over every surface in the south.
So Family look me up at (I think)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I miss Lizzie

That is all I really have to say today. . . I do not care how long it has been since I saw her last or will see her again. I cannot believe she has gone away.
I still miss her everyday.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Finally! Photos

Finally a couple of pictures,
First is Lucy out front she loves the front yard!
Then when you walk into the house you are in the living room (and a very small entry area) ha!
This picture provides a little sneak peek of the kitchen/dining rm (to the right) the door next to the Tv goes into the master bed room. That is really all the decorating I have done, Im sure you're not real intreasted in what's been done to the bathroom, I have been doing alot of cleaning, as I am not sure where or what I want to put up, I do not want to clutter the place up, I am still working on things, as you can see the laundry pile on the coffee table, yeah a working washer and dryer! what a dream!! in the dining room you cannot see the table, or misc clutter that I am not sure what to do with. . . stacks. . . and stacks the garage is a beauty too! you can almost see the floor!! hahaha and yes, I still have the cat! here she is sitting pretty looking out the lv rm window! I will post more pictures soon! I would really like to get some painting done, but ahhh... alas, that costs money and takes time and there are still so many other things I need to do. My list keeps growing and growing, it seem's it will never end. Of course if it ever stops raining maybe I could consider painting, as the humidity is staying around 90% painting is not such a good idea, if you want it to dry this year!

love to all
xoxo j

Monday, September 14, 2009

ahhh I feel Human!

The repair-man came today and fixed the faucet for the washing machine!! and a few other things.. Yeah clean laundry! except, now I have to figure out where to put the clean stuff ugh!!
xoxo j

Hello Everyone

Well, yes I know long time no talkie, I have finally gotten all moved! phew!! I am still trying to locate everything, but it is all here, right?? (I sure hope so)
I have started hanging a few things up, but yesterday a picture decided that it did not want to be hung where I had put it, and it fell off the wall! Geez what a thunk that made, the screw pulled out of the back that the wire was attached to and pulled out of the picture, luckily the glass did not break. Boy, if you ever want to feel like you are incompetent, or totally useless, buy a house... (heck or even just move)I quickly have discovered that I do not know how to do a damn thing, and the things I can do (scrub cabnets, floors, bathrooms, and molding)have long since lost any appeal to me and motivation to do has gone! NO I have not finished it all. The laundry pile is quickly turning into a mountian ~ the washer nozzle spray's water everywhere, except thru the hose, & into the washer... shower anyone? yeah, not so much fun... I have done some planting in the yard and my neighbors all seem to be super nice! and across the way there is a sheltie puppy (remember teddy?? this one has the darker coloring, but ohh so cute!) His name is freckles and he and lucy have become fast friends! while I was weeding the front "garden" haha, after a couple of hours (or so it seemed) she wandered off across the cul-de-sac and walked up to freckles, front door and started to wine~ she wanted him to come outside and play.
Since I was just as tired of weeding as she was watching, I packed it up and went over and rang the bell to see if the dog could come out and play. The family is very nice, Mom Kim, teenage boy 17 William, and 7? yr old little girl Sally. luckily for us, they seem to like lucy and I as much as we like them.
One thing about having a dog I have to take her out & walk her, which is great because I have gotten to meet alot of the neighbor's around the subdivison and not just in my little corner of the neighborhood. Remembering names however,well yeah, we will say that is a little more difficult. Lucy and I are loving the new house and yard, and some of the work! and are very grateful to have a new home!
More later I will try and post some pic's!
xoxo j

Monday, November 10, 2008

Its been awhile

Laura & her cute nephew's Sirius & Sabian... Lucy, Jennie & Sabian.
These Pic's are from this Summer when we visited her Momma, and family... the batteries died in the camera, so when we fix that I will post some scary Halloween pics! sine I do not know how to load them onto the computer from my phone...
We love & miss our family's very much!
xo j & la

Friday, June 27, 2008


Ok Lizzie ~ here goes!

Ten years ago I was: Living in Georgia, Dunwoody I think, with Kim & Jill (hell). They were both moving out to get married, so I was in the process of finding an apt & moving to the South side of Atl, to be closer to work. I worked for the State of Ga and Nancy's Hallmark. In my apt, it was just Xena and me! much more peaceful!

Five things on today's "to do list': Clean the bathroom's , kitchen, ok the entire house! and always . . . Laundry, laundry, laundry. I hate laundry, it is never done! there is always one more towel or pair of undies!!! And I need to do some yard work, but it's sooo hot.!!!

I enjoy: Sleeping! watching movies, going to the beach, or just worshiping the sunshine! Reading & playing with my puppy lucy lou! and of course shopping!! (& traveling)

I have lived in: Minnesota, New York State, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Washington State & Georgia not in that order. . . Oh yeah, and I was born in North Dakota so I guess that counts too.

Jen ps I have no idea why the fonts change from line to line!

I tag: Anna Marie, Polly, Mom & Laura!